Simulator-Based Training Systems

Simulators enable training of demanding situations and multiply the power of the operative system by improving user skills. The ability to anticipate, make the right decisions and respond quickly to unexpected situations may translate into significant financial savings and even saved lives.

When devices and their components are expensive, even the smallest special areas of their user's professional skills make a big difference. Simulator-based training systems can be used to practice situations that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to implement without endangering the equipment or inexperienced novices. Simulation makes training safe and cost-effective.

Practice sessions are documented as reports, and simulators allow the exercise to be repeated. This makes it easy to give feedback on the practice session and identify areas to improve. Training systems based on terrain simulation help to improve performance and operational skills in real-world situations. Even a good system will be of little use if its potentials are unknown and people do not know how to use it. Simulation can also be used to experiment with new operating models and practice international co-operation.

The entire Finland as a training arena

Insta's SimCore image generator contains an automatically generated database based on numerical map data. The contours of the terrain, roads, buildings and even vegetation are automatically drawn to their own places in the landscape.The SimCore image generator includes both winter and summer scenery, covering the entire area of Finland, namely, about 340,000 square kilometers.

The image generator can be used as a tool for nearly anything where the purpose is to view the environment. Opportunities range from the simulation of using a weapons system or flying a fighter to the simulation of crisis situations, accident sites and the most effective evacuation routes.

An editable environment

Applications that simulate the environment and conditions must represent the terrain realistically. Natural terrain and man-made infrastructure must correspond to reality as much as possible. Insta has over 30 years of experience in the development of such image-generating software and terrain visualization. 

In Insta's SimCore image generator, the database can be edited. Elements in the terrain can be added, removed, or modified. Using 3D models, new buildings can be easily added, and the heights, roof gradients and even surface materials of buildings can be changed. Simulation also makes it possible to view the terrain from different heights and in various weather and lighting conditions. Additionally, terrain visualization enables realistic visibility calculation.

This type of artificial reality not only offers literally new perspectives, but also allows simulation of alternatives, situations and scenarios, as well as the overall exploitation of map material.

Simulator-based training systems are a part of our training solution offer. In addition, we offer cyber and information security training, among other things.

We are a trusted and long-term partner of our customers. Our mission is to help them succeed and be the masters of their terrain. See our references.