Management systems - the right information at the right time in all circumstances

The most comprehensive common situation picture possible is a prerequisite for timely responses and decision-making. Its creation requires reliable and decentralized solutions that have the highest standards of data transfer capability, availability, and data security.

Insta's solutions are decision-making tools. We are specialists in critical information systems and have been building a secure society for as long as 60 years. Our management and training system expertise is based on decades of close cooperation with the Finnish Defense Forces. The experience provides reliability.

The typical qualities of the management and comprehensive systems that we provide include network centrality, national and international compatibility, high security and built-in training capabilities. The management systems that we design are integrated into the customer's operating environment.

Systems for all security-critical environments

Although the roots of our management system expertise are in the design, implementation and integration of defense systems, we have for years been a strong player in ensuring overall societal security. Finland's new Emergency Response Center information system, ERICA, demonstrates our ability to apply our expertise to the various sectors of a safe society.

Our systems can also support management and decision-making in a variety of industry sectors. In addition to our solutions serving all actors involved in critical infrastructure and operational and performance capabilities, we provide tools for all levels of management, from mission centers to field management.

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The value of a system is measured by the user's ability to utilize its features. Training features are built into our management systems. Learn more about our training solutions.