Crime, Fraud, and Intelligence Analysis Solutions

Ignorance is bliss only when information cannot be applied to practical action. We do know how to apply information and we also teach our customers to utilize the data produced by their systems.

Whether the goal is to investigate trends over the long term or react quickly to new information, Insta helps its customers understand the data produced by their systems. Crime, fraud and analytic solutions identify system deviations that can be analyzed to improve, develop and intensify operations, identify misconduct or react to potential threat situations before the situation gets out of hand, among other things.

Finding what lies beneath the surface - analyzed data to assist operational activities

Today, the availability of information is usually not a problem. There is more data available than ever and there are various tools to collect it. The challenge is in deciding on what to investigate and what to do when you have the answers.

The value of information is only seen when it is used to as a tool to support the strategy and tactical and operational work. That is how we get a deeper understanding instead of just scratching the surface.

Our expertise culminates in the analytic process. We help the customer to understand its significance and guide the customer all the way from the preparation of the questions for analysis to the development of operations. Our service is independent of any particular technology. If needed, we will help the customer choose the most appropriate tools for data collection, analysis and utilization.

Fast responses with real-time information

Typical examples of fast-response environments include management situations, emergency response centers and alarm centers, and industrial control rooms. There is often a substantial amount of data that may be collected from a variety of sources. For example:

  • Log data
  • Call data
  • Audio recordings
  • Risk assessments
  • Sensor data
  • User activity information
  • Information transmitted by field units

Sources may produce data individually or simultaneously. Insta has the ability to implement systems that support the creation of a real-time common situation picture shared by all users and the proper timing of decisions.

We are an experienced and visionary pioneer in management system expertise. Learn more about our management solutions and services. We have also implemented Finland's new emergency response center information system using the Insta ResponseTM product family.

Crime prevention analysis is a process

Crime prevention solutions essentially consist of source data management and they already provide an analysis as a result. The process typically consists of pre-processing, analysis and, ultimately, reporting. The solution collects information that verifies a suspected crime or fraud. Based on the data collected, the analysis might indicate whether there are grounds for a reimbursement decision or whether the case should be referred to a prosecutor's discretion.

Parties that can utilize the solution include:

  • Entities investigating misconduct
  • Insurance companies
  • Law enforcement authorities
  • Other actors conducting fraud investigation
  • Entities that must demonstrate the legality of their own activities

Digitalization and data electrification also entail threats. These days, cybersecurity is crucial for the operation of organizations and the society. Read more about our cyber and information security solutions.


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Learn more about the Insta ResponseTM product family and its possibilities. You can also download our Coordinated Safety of Tomorrow brochure from our Materials Bank.