Management Solutions and Services

Management solutions enhance and facilitate decision-making, as only a real-time common situation picture makes it possible to respond appropriately. This allows resources to be directed to areas where their use is appropriate and efficient.

Only accurate and timely information can enable corrective, well-founded decisions in the event of a disruptive situation. The more left to guesswork, the greater the probability that relevant considerations remain beyond the decision-making scope, which can damage the company or organization on many levels. Good and efficient management minimizes financial impediments, saves time, reduces the risk of injury, and sometimes even saves lives.

The right information in the right place at the right time.

Management systems represent Insta's most traditional expertise and they build a safe future. In addition to assisting decision-making and managing disturbances, our management systems support operational design, implementation and real-time management, providing a comprehensive common picture of the situation. Management solutions bring the right information to the right place at the right time. This requires decentralized solutions that have reliable data transmission under all conditions and have a high level of availability.

Insta ResponseTM Product Family

In an emergency situation, immediate and proper help plays a central role. The Insta ResponseTM product family that serves as the basis of Finland's new Emergency Response Centre information system, represents our state-of-the-art management expertise.

Insta ResponseTM creates a single, common situation picture shared by all users, which reduces the need for oral communication and saves time.

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We are a strategic partner of the Finnish Defence Forces.

Military operational information systems must be combat-resistant and operate reliably in conditions where the quality and existence of telecommunication connections vary over time, and in which the systems are targeted through data networks.

Insta is a strategic partner of the Finnish Defense Forces. We have made management systems for military usage for almost 60 years.

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Insta DefSec - Customers

  • Defense sector
  • National administration
  • Public sector
  • Banks
  • Production facilities
  • Police
  • Rescue services
  • Civilian aviation
  • Emergency response and alarm centers
  • Companies requiring a high security level
  • National and international system suppliers
  • Security authorities
  • Customs

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