Crisis and Preparedness Exercise Activity Services

Anticipation and practice consolidate the skills of a company's management and personnel under exceptional and crisis circumstances. Rehearsed operating practices increase security and make it easier to quickly regain control of an incident. Appropriate actions can also minimize the material and immaterial damage potentially arising from crisis situations.

The preparation and execution of individual exercises and exercise programs also enable assessing the preparedness and risk areas of an organization and, consequently, getting prepared proactively. Any weaknesses identified can be repaired even before problems emerge. As a result, the preconditions for the continuity of business and service operations are strengthened.

Professional Services for Exercise Activities: Execution of Exercises and Development of Exercise Activities

We support our customers by providing versatile professional services for exercise activities that are well-suited for the execution and development of exercise activities related to situation and contingency management, crisis management and communications, and continuity management.

We support our customers in response to their unique needs. For organizations that conduct management exercises less frequently, we offer comprehensive support in exercise preparation and exercise day management. With us, you can effectively ensure a productive exercise experience – from the beginning of preparations to the actual exercise day, the collection and analysis of feedback and all the way to the determination and deployment of development actions.

For organizations that conduct broad-scale exercise activities on their own, we can also provide support in the development of their exercise activities and serve as a flexible additional resource in the execution of the exercises. We have a wealth of experience in the development and conceptualization of exercise programs and exercises to improve operational effectiveness and efficiency. We can provide a versatile and proven set of tools, including our proprietary Trasim exercise platform.

We can expand the range of our professional services by taking recourse to our extensive partner network. Examples of our partner services include the exercise evaluation service offered by the Laurea University of Applied Sciences, the technical expert training in cyber security offered by the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, and other topical training sessions and lectures given by security and communications experts.

Simulated Situation Management Exercises

Our Trasim exercise platform can be used for implementing interactive exercises that test the effectiveness of an organization's situation management procedures and operating models and train key individuals to operate in disturbed and exceptional situations. A Trasim exercise will pinpoint the current level of instructions and competence and any development needs.

In simulated management exercises, the participants will personally experience, in the form of a pre-planned exercise scenario, a realistic course of events. We can assume responsibility for the entire exercise process or support our customer flexibly in chosen individual areas of the exercise process.

Independently Directed Exercise Activities and Exercise Libraries

The Trasim exercise platform and the exercise concepts that draw upon it make it easy to independently execute an exercise.  Proven exercise scenarios are easy to reiterate, and the use of the platform increases the efficiency of exercise activities.

Our customers may create their own exercise libraries on the Trasim exercise platform and manage versatile planning and execution of exercise activities. At the same time, they can make the most of the exercise simulation features of the platform and create inspiring exercises for the management of their own organization.

The platform makes it easy to handle pre-assignments, instructions and written feedback. Furthermore, those who participate in the exercise or prepare it need not be in the same physical location. An online platform makes it possible to prepare and execute an exercise irrespective of time and place.

We are committed to the development of exercise activities and the Trasim exercise platform over the long term. Trasim is provided in the form of a high-quality cloud-based service that can also be implemented as a security level IV service where necessary.

Cyber Security Exercises

We have implemented exercises in a number of different sectors in response to varying starting points and needs. With the advent of digitalization, we have participated in several exercises that focus on exercises in cyber security. Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to provide you with more information about the various customer cases of our exercise activities, including cyber security exercises.

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