3D visualization solutions

3D visualization improves planning and training performance.

3D visualization can be used for making realistic temporal and spatial presentations of sites, factories, harbors, etc. that are only at their planning stage. These can be viewed and commented on from different points of view, or used for practicing and exercising the foreseen operations even before the actual construction project has been completed.

It can also be used when planning renovation of an existing facility. New arrangements can be tested and assessed in a 3D environment in a concrete and effective manner. 3D visualization is a good and effective tool for evaluating the impact of risk and threat scenarios, for practicing situation management and for planning security arrangements.

The ways to utilize visualization include using it directly from a computer screen and using VR headsets. They can also be supplemented with augmented reality (AR) solutions. 3D visualization solutions can be used to improve and renew planning, training and exercise activities and stakeholder communications. They can also be used for creating user interface solutions.

We serve as an expert partner in the evaluation of 3D visualization solutions. We also offer 3D visualization solutions as a service for security planning, training and exercising. Additionally, we implement customer-specific 3D training applications for user and operator training, etc.

3D applications for user and operator training

Operator training in complex industrial plants for end-users with varying backgrounds and educational levels is a challenging task. It can be supported with various kinds of training software solutions based on 3D models of the plants. They can be used to introduce plants and their systems to their future operators already at the design stage in a realistic virtual 3D environment.

The environment can be explored on a computer screen or by using virtual reality (VR) headsets. The applications can be used to demonstrate and analyze various kinds of operational and failure situations. Our applications enable independent use of the application by plant suppliers. They may also be needed for enabling plant safety and outage training in a 3D environment. The created 3D environment can also be used in the creation of augmented reality (AR) solutions.

Exercise Activity Solutions Built Upon 3D Visualization

The management of crisis situations can be exercised using 3D exercise environments. We can model selected road, railroad and air traffic hubs, industrial plants and sites, or harbor areas, etc. Using the modelled areas, we can prepare realistic scenarios that can be implemented in exercise situations with real-time alternative paths based on the choices made by the exercise participants. This makes it possible to support map, desktop and situation management exercises and to prepare video animation materials to be included in online trainings, among other things.


3D Visualization Solutions to Support Security Planning

3D visualization can be utilized in the preparation of zoning and structural plans and designs. New zoning areas can be visualized and any identified key risk scenarios can be visualized and assessed in collaboration with the parties participating in the planning process and with rescue, security and environmental authorities.

This improves the quality of risk and threat assessment results and enables proactive measures to make complex and critical planning target areas more secure. The same principles can applied in the safety and security planning of complex industrial areas or similar entities. Alternative implementation models can already be compared at the planning stage. Additionally, the models created at this stage can later be utilized in user training and disturbed situation exercises of the completed areas and solutions.

3D visualization is very useful as part of the business processes of companies that provide large operational wholes (logistics systems, construction projects, etc.). It supports safety and security planning and training throughout the in-house planning and design process as well as the sales, delivery and after-marketing process that takes place at the customer interface.

The models and environments created can also be widely used in marketing and stakeholder communications.



3D Visualization Platforms

We use various 3D visualization platforms based on the individual requirements of each service. We have at our disposal the open-source Unity software and a VBS standard software, among others. Insta also has a proprietary software, the SimCore® image generator, that is especially designed to meet the needs of the defense sector and for demanding use by the authorities.

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