Training and Simulation  Solutions

Practice enables anticipation, provides confidence and minimizes risks.

The more complicated the system and the operating environment are, the more personnel skills have an impact on the overall performance achieved using the system. The significance of personnel skills is particularly important in situations where decisions need to be made quickly and have significant consequences. Users must master the efficient use of the system in all situations as required by their roles and be able to cooperate with other actors.

Simulator-Based Training Systems

Simulator-based training systems particularly support the training of users of management systems. Simulators are used to create the environment, including any objects and events, required for the training and practice. The training can be tailored specifically for each purpose, as simulation offers versatile and inexpensive opportunities for anything from gaining familiarity with basic functionalities to complex and long-term training scenarios. Simulators can create training situations that are difficult or even impossible to implement in the real world.

Insta also has experience and expertise in integrating various simulators into training system environments that enable the training and practicing of co-operation between various actors. In addition to practicing the use of the system or an operating model, another use case for simulation is the various stages of system development and integration projects.

We implement simulator-based training systems for both defense training environments and other management system training needs.  


Cyber Security Training

An information-secure organization requires more than just functional information systems. Studies show that the biggest cyber and information security risks arise from the intentional or unintended errors of a company's own personnel. Properly utilized, digitalization provides a competitive edge and brings virtually limitless opportunities for the development of operations.The prerequisite is a recognition of the importance of safe digitization and cyber-security throughout the entire organization. 

Training the staff can ensure that the basic principles of cybersecurity are understood in the organization and that there is a commitment to act in accordance with such principles on a daily basis. Insta Trust Oy offers training, exercises and lectures that build a cyber-security culture. 

Our cyber and information security solutions can also include training related to the specific solution. Read more about our cyber and information security solutions.

Insta DefSec - Customers

  • Defense sector
  • National administration
  • Public sector
  • Banks
  • Production facilities
  • Police
  • Rescue services
  • Civilian aviation
  • Emergency response and alarm centers
  • Companies requiring a high security level
  • National and international system suppliers
  • Security authorities
  • Customs

Our management systems typically have built-in training features that enable the full potential of the systems to be utilized. Insta Response represents the latest expertise in emergency response and alarm center solutions and enhances seamless management in demanding conditions in an unprecedented manner. Read more. 

We understand the importance of training for system use. That is why we recognize the value of skills and learning even in the design of such systems. Read more about how we take care of our expertise.