Exercise, Training and Simulation Solutions

Practicing enables anticipation, provides confidence and mitigates risks.

Organizations operate in an increasingly complex operating environment where products and services are increasingly produced in cooperation, relying on networks consisting of several operators. To excel in this operating environment, it is necessary to be prepared and build solid competence to safeguard the continuity of the operations and operational capability of one's own organization, of the networks and of the society.

We support our customers by providing training and exercise solutions that comprise: 1) training and simulation solutions for critical management information systems; 2) exercise activity solutions for contingency and crisis management; and 3) 3D visualization solutions in support of security management and various kinds of training needs.

The more complicated the system and the operating environment are, the more personnel skills have an impact on the overall performance achieved using the system. The significance of personnel skills is particularly important in situations where decisions need to be made quickly and have significant consequences. Users must master the efficient use of the system in all situations as required by their roles and be able to cooperate with other actors.

Simulator-Based Training Systems for Management Systems

Simulator-based training systems are particularly useful in supporting the training of management system users. Simulators are used to create the environment, including any objects and events, required for the training and practice.

The training can be tailored specifically for each purpose, as simulation offers versatile and inexpensive opportunities for anything from gaining familiarity with basic functionalities to complex and long-term training scenarios. By utilizing simulators, it is possible to create training situations that are difficult or even impossible to implement in the real world. Simulators can create training situations that are difficult or even impossible to implement in the real world.

Insta also has experience and expertise in integrating various simulators into training system environments that enable the training and practicing of co-operation between various actors. In addition to practicing the use of the system or an operating model, another use case for simulation is the various stages of system development and integration projects.

We implement simulator-based training systems for both defense training environments and other management system training needs.  


Training Solutions for Crisis and Contingency Management

Well-implemented exercise activities strengthen the organizational crisis preparedness, continuity and resilience. We provide professional services for the implementation and development of exercise activities as well as the versatile Trasim exercise platform. If required, Trasim platform can be provided as a service that meets the national requirements for handling data classified as restricted (ST IV).

The Trasim exercise platform supports the execution of exercises and exercise programs with regard to exercise planning, exercise day simulation and exercise library maintenance. Where necessary, we can develop new training concepts tailored to the customers’ unique needs or support the planning and implementation of individual exercises. The objective is to improve the effectiveness of the exercise and to increase efficiency throughout the process.

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3D Visualization Solutions to Support Training and Exercise Activities

3D visualization yields significant benefits in proactive security planning and training for industrial facilities, construction projects and logistics centers, among other things, as well as in user and operator training.

VR and AR applications can be flexibly incorporated as part of the solutions. Visualization supports functionality planning, incident exercises, refresher trainings and stakeholder communications of the facility concerned. We can also implement situation management exercises in a virtual 3D exercise environment. 3D visualization improves planning and training performance.

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Insta DefSec - Customers

  • Defense sector
  • National administration
  • Public sector
  • Banks
  • Production facilities
  • Police
  • Rescue services
  • Civilian aviation
  • Emergency response and alarm centers
  • Companies requiring a high security level
  • National and international system suppliers
  • Security authorities
  • Customs

Our management systems typically have built-in training features that enable the full potential of the systems to be utilized. Insta Response represents the latest expertise in emergency response and alarm center solutions and enhances seamless management in demanding conditions in an unprecedented manner. Read more. 

We understand the importance of training for system use. That is why we recognize the value of skills and learning even in the design of such systems. Read more about how we take care of our expertise.