Insta ResponseTM Product Family

Insta ResponseTM product family is the first solution to meet the needs of all of the parties operating in the security sector. A coherent platform enhances the operations of emergency response centers, rescue services, police, border security, emergency medical care, social services and security companies and meets the challenging demands of various parties. Seamless cooperation between authorities in an emergency situation brings assistance to the right place faster and saves lives.

Insta ResponseTM enables the optimal utilization of all resources within the chain of operations. With a virtual emergency response or alarm center, emergency notifications can be handled locally in normal situations, but when congestion occurs, other centers automatically support the congested center. This minimizes congestion of notifications, and tasks can be quickly delegated to units in the field. Insta ResponseTM also harmonizes practices and guides the recipient of a notification to make a risk assessment that is as accurate as possible.

In an emergency, immediate and appropriate help plays a central role. Insta ResponseTM creates a single, shared situation picture shared by all users, which reduces the need for oral communication and saves time.

Features of the Insta ResponseTM product family:

  • Meets the strict availability requirements of a critical operating environment
  • Emergency response centers constitute a single, common virtual environment, which efficiently prevents congestion
  • Meets the needs of all parties in the public safety sector
  • Innovative field management and task management tools


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Insta Response

The Insta ResponseTM product family consists of three parts, of which Insta Response is designed specifically to meet the demanding real-time needs of the emergency response centers and command centers of security authorities who operate on a 24/7 basis. Insta Response's capabilities have been optimized to serve notification reception, task tracking, and shift management in emergency response centers. With Insta Response, it is possible to create networks of several emergency response centers and command centers. This enables automatic workload distribution between the centers, among other things.

Insta Response's features include:

  • Integrated communication tools
  • Coordinated reception of notifications and system-assisted task delegation
  • Common situation picture
  • Support for field operations

Insta Response Portal

Insta Response Portal is a web-based management solution for the management of administrative information. It consists of several tools designed for management purposes, divided into three categories:

  • Basic information management tools
  • Managerial tools
  • Operational tools for administrative tasks

In addition, Insta Response Portal is a knowledge-sharing portal designed for the needs of security operators and their stakeholders. Integrated with Insta Response, it provides continuous access to necessary information and enables management of the information. A common situation picture improves cooperation between the various actors.

Insta Reponse Portal features include:

  • Quick and easy sharing of information between authorities and other actors
  • Management of operational information for supervisors
  • Development and reporting tools
  • A modern and easy-to-use tool to manage the underlying system data

Insta Response Field

Insta Response Field is an essential part of the chain of assistance. It integrates emergency response centers and field units into a seamless whole, making operation faster and more efficient. Insta Response Field provides innovative tools for field unit management under demanding conditions. The tools enable critical information to be reliably relayed between authorities.

Insta Response Field features include:

  • Unit and task overview
  • Support for unit work safety
  • Automatic reporting of data for inclusion in an event report

Download the Coordinated Safety of Tomorrow brochure and read more about the Insta ResponseTM product family.

Insta ResponseTM forms the basis of Finland's new Emergency Response Center information system, ERICA. Learn about ERICA in more detail.