Alarm Center and Control Room Solutions

Situational awareness and reacting in a timely manner play a key role in building the security of any organization. Our alarm center and control room solutions are cost-effective tools to enhance the operational efficiency of companies providing process monitoring or alarm center services.

Fast and appropriate communications and appropriate responsiveness are key factors in maintaining an organization's operational reliability. Our alarm center and control room solution enables the effective processing of information collected from the organization's systems and the efficient delegation of tasks to the appropriate parties.

As the population ages, the demand for alarm centers and control room activities increases and new kinds of services can be offered to the care sector, among others. In the industrial sector, cyber threats need to be taken into greater consideration in safety planning.

Our solutions offer cost-effective operating models for many different sectors, and our strong security expertise allows us to build packages that meet each customer's specific needs.

Based on Insta ResponseTM

Our solution is based on the Insta ResponseTM product family, which also forms the basis of Finland's new Emergency Response Center information system. One of the benefits of the product family is that it can prevent congestion in centers and control rooms during abnormal situations, since the alarm and control room functions can be centralized on virtual emergency response centers or the solution can be delivered as a service, saving the organization's own resources for its core business.

The application areas for our alarm and control room center solutions include:

  • IoT
  • Process monitoring
  • Care sector
  • Alarm center services

Our solutions are supported by strong management system proficiency and cyber and information security expertise.

Benefits for the customer:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Wide-ranging support of client processes
  • Control room centralization
  • Sensor support
  • Integrated surveillance
  • Analyses and reports

It is also possible to make use of our comprehensive safety expertise through consulting and expert services.