Simulator-Based Training Systems for Defense Use

Better performance and functional skills in real-world situations. Simulation can also be used to experiment with new operating models and practice international collaboration.

It is said that practice makes perfect, but how to practice using a powerful weapon or landing a Hornet on a foggy runway without endangering the equipment or inexperienced novices trying to learn the skills needed? When the devices and components are expensive, even the smallest special areas of their user's professional skills make a big difference. Even a good weapons system will be of little use if its potentials are unknown and people do not know how to use it. The ability to anticipate, make the right decisions and respond quickly to unexpected situations may translate into hundreds of thousands of euros saved and even prevent lives being lost.

Insta's SimCore image generator contains an automatically generated database based on numerical map data. The contours of the terrain, roads, buildings and even vegetation are automatically drawn to their own places in the landscape. The SimCore image generator includes both winter and summer scenery, covering the entire area of Finland, namely, about 340,000 square kilometers.

Extensive application possibilities

The image generator can be used as a tool for nearly anything where the purpose is to view the environment. Opportunities range from the simulation of using a weapons system or flying a fighter to the simulation of crisis situations, accident sites and the most effective evacuation routes.

A realistic, editable environment

Applications that simulate the environment and conditions must represent the terrain realistically. Natural terrain and man-made infrastructure must correspond to reality as much as possible. Insta has over 30 years of experience in developing such landscape-drawing software and terrain visualization. 

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In Insta's SimCore image generator, the database can be edited. Elements in the terrain can be added, removed, or modified. Using 3D models, new buildings can be easily added, and the heights, roof gradients and even surface materials of buildings can be changed. Simulation also makes it possible to view the terrain from different heights and in various weather and lighting conditions.


Additionally, terrain visualization enables realistic visibility calculation. This type of artificial reality not only offers literally new perspectives, but also allows simulation of alternatives, situations and scenarios, as well as the overall exploitation of map material.


Training systems integrated in the C2 training system

The command and control systems that we have developed have an effective integration into the C2 training system, which enables the completion of exercises partially or entirely based on simulation. Simulation of the operating environment, command chain, and data enables a very cost-effective and safe way to go through extensive exercises in which all of the parties operate within the same scenario. HLA is one of the alternative ways to connect parties using the same simulated environment to each other using standard methods.

A safe way to train

By simulating the environment and circumstances as needed, you can safely train personnel in demanding environments and for demanding tasks, such as fighter piloting. Insta's training simulators are used in the Finnish Defense Forces for this purpose. Since the mid-2000s, the Defense Forces have been using a WTSAT training system that enables Hornet pilots to practice using the plane's weapons systems in the SimCore image generator environment provided by Insta.

Over the decades, the majority of simulation and terrain visualization systems developed by Insta has gone for the training purposes of the Finnish Defense Forces. The systems have included a number of air defense weapon simulators, ranging from simulations of a single shoulder-fired missile and a 23-mm cannon to the simulation of an entire cannon platoon and a simulator for an artillery spotter.

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