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With architectural planning, the customer can quickly and efficiently get the architectural descriptions necessary to develop the enterprise architecture and can concentrate on improving its performance rather than on description.

Careful planning and specification of the boundary conditions of the system are prerequisites for a successful IT system procurement or upgrade. Only well-performed groundwork enables an increase in operational capability and performance in the desired manner.

Our services support all stages of information system procurement. The services provide a description of the current state of the architecture and prepare a design for an architecture that meets the customer's targets. Our experts' extensive experience in delivering operation- and security-critical systems and solid, certified expertise are combined in our architectural design.

Our services will provide our customers:
  • Architectural plans necessary for managing the enterprise architecture

  • Development plans required for development targets

  • Feasibility studies needed in launching projects

  • Requirements specifications needed in the projects

  • Architectural support during the project


Five aspects serve as the starting point for the design:
  • Business architecture

  • Data architecture

  • Information system architecture

  • Technology architecture

  • Information security architecture

We apply best practices:
  • TOGAF9 architectural frame

  • JHS 179, Common Criteria (ISO/IEC 15408)

  • NAF, PvTAK2 and UML in the notations

Our architectural and specification service can be implemented:
  • As separate consulting assignments

  • As entire packages related to system implementation projects

  • As ongoing architectural services

Our service packages are independent but compatible with each other

  • Feasibility studies
  • Business descriptions at the architectural and specification levels
  • Data and system architecture
  • Technology architecture

Information security architecture, integration architecture, and enterprise architecture services are included in all packages.

Development Goals and Feasibility Studies – targeting development investments correctly

Our service helps our customers to focus their ICT service development projects to solve the right problems.

Identification of development targets is a natural next step after the specification of the objective of the enterprise architecture. Here, the development targets identified in the gap analysis of the enterprise architecture are prioritized and a development plan is drafted. Various cost-benefit analyses and process compatibility studies are used to help in prioritization and road map creation if needed.

If descriptions of the enterprise architecture are not available or do not guide the development at a sufficient level, the identification of development targets can also be done by going to sufficient detail to identify the processes that need improvement and the possibilities and constraints related to them. In this case, key working methods include process modeling and various interview techniques supporting data collection.

Requirements specification – efficiency from accuracy

Requirements specification services help our customers produce high-quality and traceable requirements specifications using efficient working methods. Key cornerstones in our support for requirements specification include professional delivery of the requirements specification project, precise and traceable description of the requirements, quality management of the requirements, and excellent command of work methods appropriate for identifying the requirements.

Requirements definition is most naturally initiated based on the project's feasibility study, when the desired target state has already been defined. Requirements definition can also be initiated on the basis of architectural design, but in that case, there must be time reserved at the start of requirements specification for the clarification of the operational goal and the possible description of target solutions.

Architectural control – vision into practice

With architectural guidance, our customers can ensure the effective progress of the implementation phase of ICT projects within the scope and boundaries described in the enterprise architecture. It is advisable to start architectural guidance immediately after the enterprise architecture has been designed, so that the target state set in the enterprise architecture is taken into account already in the pre-design phase. Our core operational principle in architectural guidance is proactivity; we strive to enhance the success of the ICT project by providing the project with the right information at the right time.

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