Communication Networks and Information Security

Insta ensures secure messaging and information delivery in mission critical environments using data communication, network management and security solutions and products.

Typical characteristics of the operating domains consist of both fixed and mobile command centers. The communication network shall be fragmented and may have varying capabilities. Our data communication solutions enable situational awareness and support for fast decision making by maintaining operative capability in every situation.

Our network security solutions ensure that data moves safely within organizational networks. The solutions are geared to environments where a high level of security is required, such as national administration, the operation environments of security authorities, and security-critical companies. The solutions enable information to be transferred safely and in a controlled manner through public networks or between networks with different security levels.

Insta's core expertise is complemented by robust security expertise and experience in the integration, deployment, and maintenance of large-scale combat-durable systems.

Network management is a part of tactics

For tactical network management, we have developed a system that can control not only network resources but also the message traffic that uses those resources. The system is available for applications requiring real-time, centralized or distributed, network management.

The system also provides a map interface that enables the effective management of large networks. Other key features of the system include location obscurity, combat durability, and versatility for different applications.

Solutions for data communication and messaging in operational and tactical networking

Our solution and product family offers a wide set of data communication and messaging backend for varying needs. The main functionalities of the data communication solutions are:

  • Reliable and robust data distribution solution for an unstable network environment
  • Multi-layer security solution based on well-known and widely adopted conventions and technologies
  • Integration capabilities for application and domain level
  • Comprehensive system management for controlling and monitoring the overall system status

The system architecture enables the easy addition of new interfaces, protocols, and features in accordance with the needs of the end user.


Insta SafeLink VPN solution

Insta SafeLink is a high-security virtual private network (VPN) solution for the strong protection of data traffic between organizational units and offices. Typical users of the solution include the administrative branch of the Finnish Ministry of Defense and other public authorities, as well as companies with security-critical telecommunication connections.

  • Finnish protection level III/IV-approved VPN solution
  • Constantly maintained data security approval
  • Comprehensive and evolving security features
  • Extremely long lifecycle, 10+ years
  • Solution can be expanded and updated

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