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Military operational information systems must be combat-resistant and operate reliably in conditions where the quality of telecommunication connections vary over time. Furthermore, systems may be targeted and under threat through data networks. As a strategic and long-term partner of the Finnish Defense Forces, we understand the requirements of a security and mission-critical operating environment.

Our core competencies include C2 and situational awareness solutions that bring the right information to the right place at the right time. A reliable common operational picture is always the starting point for operations and decision-making. The importance of a common, distributed operational picture is particularly important in conducting joint operations of defense branches. The network-centrality of modern defense sets very specific requirements for information system, security and distribution solutions in order for usability and operational continuity to be ensured in all circumstances.

Our mission-critical management systems are designed and developed for use in an operational environment in which an outside party attempts to hamper and prevent their operation through both physical means and information technology.

For almost 60 years, we have been building the Finnish defense capabilities into what they are now. Our technological competence and knowhow can also be used to create a safer future for the society. Digitalization will lead to an increasing dependence on information systems in the future, and we are involved in building the security of society by taking advantage of the possibilities of digitalization in an efficient and secure manner.

Expert attention to cyber security is essential when developing command and control systems intended for exceptional circumstances

Data networks and information systems are currently the most rapidly developing area of modern defense. Protecting C2 systems from the impact of network warfare requires a comprehensive design and a strong expertise in both the System-of-Systems level and the individual components. Insta DefSec has the ability to combine C2 system architecture and development with its strong security and cyberspace expertise. Adding cybersecurity to a system afterwards is not cost-effective because the building of security imposes specific requirements on the underlying system architecture itself.

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Combat-resistant command capability and a comprehensive operational picture for all levels of the chain of command

Our mission-critical C2 systems are designed and developed for use in an operational environment in which an outside party attempts to hamper and prevent their operation through both physical means and information technology. Insta DefSec's C2 system architecture has a strong focus on maintaining a common operational picture in exceptional conditions where it can be assumed that the connections between the nodes of data networks will be unreliable at times.

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Simulator-Based Training Systems

The value of a system is measured by the skills of its users. Simulation is an easy and cost-effective way to practice.

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Insta - a strategic partner of the Finnish Defense Forces

At the core of our strategic partnership with the Finnish Defense Forces is confidence in the readiness and ability of our company to provide the Defense Forces with services that have been agreed upon, even under states of emergency. Preparing to act under states of emergency requires detailed advance planning and preparation of different functionalities. Thorough planning ensures that both the company and the Finnish Defense Forces can be confident that controlled continuation of operations is possible even under states of emergency.



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