Secure Identity

Identity is one of the most critical cornerstones of cyber security. It must be possible to trust the identity of individuals, devices and services in order to fully utilize the opportunities provided by the digitalized society. Organizations require authentication solutions that are both easy-to-use and secure to access their services and information systems.

With the advent of IoT applications, the digital identity of devices is taking on an increasingly important role, and managing the identities of large numbers of devices requires completely new technological solutions.

We provide secure identity related products, services, and turnkey solutions by combining the latest technologies with the experience and expertise gained over 30 years in the field.

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Insta Certifier CA Product

Insta Certifier CA (Certificate Authority) product is a comprehensive solution for managing digital certificates, targeted at organizations requiring a high level of security and a long life cycle. Insta Certifier is trusted by e.g. public authorities and large companies in the financial and telecommunications sectors. Typical applications include CA service environments of banks and operators, corporate network and IoT security solutions, and governmental CA services.

  • Available as a service, as a product license and as part of a PKI system delivery
  • Comprehensive set of security features and algorithms, connectability to HSMs (Hardware Security Module) from industry-leading manufacturers, such as Thales and SafeNet
  • Standards-based functionalities and interfaces for certificate management, e.g. CMP, SCEP, and HTTP(S)
  • Includes OCSP Responder functionality for certificate status query
  • An evolving and supported product with a life cycle of 10+ years guaranteed

Download the Insta Certifier data sheet

Download the CA migration to Insta Certifier white paper

Managed PKI Services

We provide managed PKI services from the ISO 27001 certified Insta Service Center. The service includes CA administration and certificate lifecycle management as well as monitoring, support and maintenance. The managed PKI service is an easy and cost-effective way to set up a high-security certificate solution. If necessary, we will carry out migration from the customer's existing PKI system.

  • Online and offline CAs available, flexible implementation according to the customer's needs
  • Quick and effective deployment by utilizing Insta's certified CA service platform and process
  • Support for customer-dedicated implementations, auditable up to SECRET level
  • Geographically distributed, redundant, high-availability (HA) architecture ensures superb SLA levels
  • 24/7/365 monitoring, support and maintenance services available

Insta provides managed PKI Services for CBRS.

HSM Products

An HSM (Hardware Security Module) is a highly secure hardware-based solution for key management and cryptographic processing. Typical applications include PKI, digital signing, encryption key management, and securing of payment transactions.

  • We offer HSM products from the leading manufacturers, including Thales and SafeNet
  • Comprehensive set of support services ensures smooth deployment and trouble-free life cycle
  • In-depth technical expertise in integrating HSMs with PKI and key management solutions

PKI Consulting & Professional Services

Genuinely secure PKI is much more than technology. The deployment and operation of a PKI system involves special processes and documentation to achieve and maintain the required level of security. We provide consulting and professional services for our customers to ensure successful deployment and to fully benefit from the PKI investment during its life cycle.

  • PKI system design and implementation services
  • PKI documentation, such as CP/CPS (Certification Policy, Certification Practice Statement)
  • CA key generation ceremonies
  • PKI system deployment and integration with PKI-enabled applications
  • Training on PKI topics, such as PKI theory and applications, deployment and usage of a PKI system, different PKI products, PKI-enabled applications, etc.