Network Security

Our network security offering includes solutions to enable secure and effective communication and to protect the most valuable resources of security-critical organizations.

All of our solutions combine flexibility, uncompromised security and a long life cycle. In addition to technical solutions, we provide an extensive set of professional and support services. Contact us for more information!

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Insta SafeLink VPN Solution

Insta SafeLink is a high-security Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution for the strong protection of communication between sites and offices of organizations. Typical users include the defence sector and other public authorities, as well as companies with security-critical network connections.

  • European security approved VPN solution
  • Built upon a system-wide security concept, including built-in key and user management
  • Support for the latest and strongest algorithms
  • Evolving and supported, life cycle of 10+ years guaranteed

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High-security VPN Service

We offer the Insta SafeLink based VPN solution also as a service, whereby monitoring, administration and maintenance are provided by the security and quality certified Insta Service Center. The service is an easy way to protect your security-critical communications.

  • Service is based on the high-security Insta SafeLink VPN solution
  • Includes CA (Certificate Authority) and log management services
  • The service is provided by ISO27001-certified Insta Service Center
  • Convenient and cost-effective operating model for the customer

Data Diodes and Gateway Solutions

A data diode is a device that only allows traffic in one direction. Our gateway solutions based on data diodes protect critical resources such as networks with classified information and automation systems.

  • Enables distribution of software and security updates to high-security networks
  • Protects critical ICS (Industrial Control System) environments from cyber attacks
  • We deliver turn-key, audit-ready solutions along with support services
  • Special expertise in e.g. content filtering and integration with log management and SIEM solutions

Secure Collaboration Portal

Our secure collaboration portal is a communication and information sharing service for security-critical organizations. The service enables, for example, suppliers and partners to be provided with access to shared information through secure network connections.

  • Includes messaging, shared calendar, discussion forums, file sharing service, and more
  • Turn-key deployment and management services available
  • The service is provided from the ISO 27001-certified Insta Service Center using strongly protected connections
  • Project-specific services and existing third-party applications can be connected to the service