Cyber Security Professional Services

Our cyber security expert team assists in ensuring the uncompromised security of critical IT systems, whether you are planning to acquire a new application or to improve the security level of an existing system.

The services are based on the deep security and methodology expertise of our experts. The expertise originates from the development of our own IT security products as well as customer-specific solutions for demanding applications. We now offer this expertise to our customers, combined with extensive practical experience and a good understanding of different customer environments.

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Secure Software Development

We offer software development services to customers with the need for a high level of security. In addition to turn-key application development, we can support customer's development teams and assist in the adoption of secure software development methodologies.

  • Special expertise in PKI, identity and key management, software signing, mobile and IoT security
  • Expertise and experience based on our own security products and software implementations for public authorities and security-critical companies
  • Software development services based on standardized methods, such as SDL
  • Maintenance and further development services also available
  • Software development supported by our information security inspection services

Information Security Inspection Services

We offer information security inspection services to thoroughly assess the cyber resilience of security-critical systems. We identify hidden technical weaknesses and potential vulnerabilities in the customer's systems and assist in rectifying any findings to achieve the required security level.

  • Targeted, effective service for analyzing and improving the security level of critical IT systems
  • Industry-leading security expertise and methodologies at your service
  • Suitable for both new and existing systems
  • Targets and scope of the inspection are tailored according to the customer's needs
  • We also support in planning and implementation of corrective actions