Cyber Security Awareness

Even the best technical protection solutions wont' block all threats. Parties behind targeted attacks and sophisticated malware tend to act discreetly and over a long period of time. On the other hand, internal misconduct or data theft might be even a bigger threat than external attacks. Managing such threats requires awareness of the status and events of the IT system and the ability to react quickly to possible deviations.

Reliable detection of security incidents in an IT system is based on continuous monitoring of log data and network traffic. The best result is achieved by combining automated monitoring of the large data mass with the analysis of events by security experts. In the event of an incident, it is essential to react quickly to minimize damage and return to normal.

We provide detection of security incidents as a service (SOC, Security Operations Center), log management and SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) solutions to be hosted by the customer, as well as supporting consulting and professional services. We implement our solutions with the industry's leading products.

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SOC Service

Insta SOC (Security Operations Center) service protects critical IT systems by detecting attacks and other threats as early as possible, enabling organizations to react quickly and minimize damages. The service includes monitoring and analysis of security events, alerting as well as support for recovery from security incidents. Typical customers of Insta SOC services include e.g. telecom and finance companies, security authorities and state administration.

  • Maintains situational awareness of the state and events of IT systems
  • Facilitates the fulfillment of obligations set by regulation, GDPR, etc.
  • Security incidents are detected based on automated monitoring of log data and network traffic as well as analysis of events by security experts in the SOC service center
  • Service is provided by certified experts with in-depth knowledge of SIEM implementations as well as analysis and mitigation of security incidents
  • Service is hosted in Finland at Insta’s security and quality certified service environment (ISO27001 and ISO9001)
  • Implementation model and service package can be tailored based on customer’s needs and the target environment

Log Management & SIEM Solutions

We provide log management and SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) solutions as a system delivery to be hosted by the customer. The solution includes the necessary equipment, licenses and product support, a deployment project, as well as continuous support and maintenance services.

  • We deliver solutions with the experience gained from dozens of implementations
  • Flexible delivery models based on the customer's needs and requirements
  • Insta is a product-independent supplier - we will help you find the best technical solution
  • Our product certified specialists have strong expertise in industry-leading products, such as NetIQ Sentinel (Micro Focus) and IBM Security QRadar

Consulting & Professional Services

In addition to SOC, SIEM and log management solutions we offer supporting consulting and professional services.

  • Information Security Inspection Services
  • Information and Cyber Security Training
  • Threat Modeling
  • Consulting
  • Other professional services
  • E.g. Needs assessment, requirements specification, log policies, product evaluations and comparisons