Managed PKI Services for CBRS

INSTA provides high security PKI services for CBSD device manufacturers and other entities
(SAS, Domain Proxy, PAL, Professional Installer) in the CBRS ecosystem.

Insta is an authorized CBRS (Citizens Broadband Radio Service) Root CA Operator.


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Our offering for CBRS


CBRS Managed PKI Service

The CBRS Managed PKI Service is a turn-key solution for companies who need CBRS certificates with a minimum investment. In the service, end-entity certificates are issued by an INSTA hosted Sub CA (CBSD, SAS, etc.) based on Customer’s requests.

CBRS Root CA Service

The CBRS Root CA Service is suitable for companies who want to run their own CBRS Sub CA. INSTA provides the Root of Trust for the Sub CA by issuing the Sub CA certificate, enabling the Customer to issue end-entity certificates fully trusted in the CBRS ecosystem.

Test Certificates

Test certificates are available free of charge for trials. Contact us for more information.


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INSTA CBRS PKI is trusted by leading manufacturers and service providers in the CBRS ecosystem.

Examples of Insta’s public CBRS references:




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Download INSTA CBRS Root CA Certificates


Subject name: CN = WInnForum RSA Root CA, OU = RSA Root CA0001, O = WInnForum, C = US
Valid to: Feb 14, 2068
Serial number: 01
Public key: RSA (4096 bits)
Thumbprint (SHA1): ff 69 e1 4a f5 99 d2 fd 68 7a dc 78 42 64 2e a9 51 60 0a 52


Download RSA Certificate



Subject name: CN = WInnForum ECC Root CA, OU = ECC Root CA0001, O = WInnForum, C = US
Valid to: Feb 14, 2068
Serial number: 01
Public key: ECC (521 bits)
Thumbprint (SHA1): d7 97 91 fc 31 bd c6 8b d0 5d 2e b2 12 e0 6b 80 10 7c 4e b0


Download ECC Certificate