Cyber and Information Security Solutions

We develop and deliver cyber and information security solutions protecting our customers' critical resources and improving their ability to detect and react to cyber threats.

We implement our solutions by combining the best products and technologies on the market with 30 years of experience and expertise.

Our customers are organizations critical to reliable operation of the society, such as companies in financial, telecom and energy fields, ministries, defense sector as well as public safety and security organizations. Our cyber and information security products are used in over 50 countries around the world.

We help our customers control their cyber and information security risks, improve efficiency of operations, and ensure continuity in all situations. We are specialized in the following areas of information and cyber security:

  • Protection of critical resources from cyber threats
  • Digital identity of individuals, devices and services
  • Secure connectivity of networks and organizations
  • Cyber security awareness and incident management

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Our solutions

Insta Certifier CA Product

Insta Certifier CA Product (Certificate Authority) is a comprehensive solution for managing digital certificates. The product is targeted at organizations requiring a high security level and a long lifecycle.

Managed PKI Services

We provide Managed PKI Services from our ISO 27001 certified service center. The service includes e.g. CA administration and certificate lifecycle management as well as monitoring, support and maintenance services.


Insta SafeLink VPN Solution

Insta SafeLink is a high-security Virtual Private Networking (VPN) solution for strong protection of communications between networks, e.g. to interconnect sites and offices of a security-critical organization.

High-security VPN Service

Our High-security VPN Service is based on the Insta SafeLink VPN solution. When purchased as a service, the monitoring, administration, and maintenance tasks are provided by Insta's security and quality certified service center.

Data Diodes and Secure Gateway Solutions

A Data Diode is a device that only relays traffic in one direction. The Secure Gateway Solution, based on the data diode, interconnects networks with different security levels and protects critical resources such as classified information or automation systems.

SOC Service

Insta SOC (Security Operations Center) Service protects critical IT systems by detecting attacks and other threats as early as possible. The service includes monitoring and analysis of security events, alerting as well as support for recovery from security incidents.

Log Management and SIEM Solutions

Log Management and SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) Solutions are invaluable tools for cyber security awareness and incident management. We tailor our solutions based on the requirements and needs of the customer, using industry leading products.

Information Security Inspection Services

Our Information Security Inspection Services are targeted, effective tools to improve the security level of critical IT systems. The service includes identification of hidden weaknesses and vulnerabilities as well as support in rectification of any findings.

Examples of our customers and references

Secure Identity

We provide products, services, and turn-key solutions for managing digital identities. Our special areas of expertise include PKI, digital certificates and key management.

Solutions we have implemented
  • Large-scale international solution provider:
    CA Service for certificate production of security critical network devices
  • National certificate trust center:
    PKI solution delivery with professional services and maintenance
  • Ministry-level organization:
    PKI consulting and training
  • Global telecom operator
    PKI solution delivery with professional services and maintenance
  • Nationwide public authority:
    Comprehensive PKI solution with maintenance
  • Large financial company:
    Extensive CA service
  • Global defense technology company:
    Key management technology for TETRA networks
  • Global telecom solution provider:
    Insta's CA product as part of a security solution for telecom operators

Network Security

Our network security solutions interconnect networks of organizations and protect their critical resources. Typical applications include IT systems and networks processing security classified information.

Solutions we have implemented
  • Public authority:
     Gateway solution based on data diodes
  • Large ICT service provider:
    Connecting service provider's sites with Insta's high-security VPN solution
  • Security-critical national authority:
     VPN solution for a large security-critical network
  • Nationwide service organization:
     Secure networking solution as a service
  • Security-critical conglomerate:
     Secure networking solution as a service
  • Governmental organization:
     Large VPN network as a service


Cyber Security Awareness

Our SOC services and log management and SIEM solutions protect our customers’ critical IT systems, provide an up-to-date cyber security view and support in incident management.

Solutions we have implemented


  • National public authority
  • National public authority:
    Deployment and maintenance of a centralized log management solution
  • Financial administration solution provider:
     Log management/SIEM solution delivery
  • Security-critical national authority:
     Deployment of a log management/SIEM solution
  • Large multi-industry enterprise:
     Deployment and maintenance of a log management solution
  • Large public authority organization:
     Log management solution as part of a wider solution delivery
  • Security-critical public authority:
     Evaluation of SIEM products and implementation of a SIEM environment
  • Governmental organization:
     Log management as a service

Cyber Security Professional Services

Our cyber security professional services assist our customers in ensuring the uncompromised security of their critical IT systems.

Solutions we have implemented
  • Company in the energy sector:
     Technical information security inspection
  • Security-critical conglomerate:
     Security planning based on national criteria
  • Global defense technology company:
     Common Criteria based threat and risk analysis and security plan
  • Global telecom enterprise: 
     Development of security-critical software to a globally used system
  • Security-critical public authority:
     Technology evaluation and product comparison for an IDS solution
  • Company in the energy sector:
     Compliance evaluation of a security architecture
  • Global technology provider:
     Software development of a globally utilized information security system
  • Critical infrastructure company
    Security planning and consulting

Why Insta?

30 years of experience in the cyber and information security industry     

More than 70 cyber and information security specialists

Customer base including critical infrastructure, ministries, defence sector, and public safety and security organizations.

All solutions available as a system delivery and as a service according to customer's needs.

Extensive support and professional services helping in deployment and usage of the solutions.

Long life cycle solutions based on our own products as well as those of our technology partners.

For more information about our solutions, contact us. We will be happy to help you!

We are the trusted long term partner for our customers. See Insta DefSec´s references.