Transformation Consulting – towards the new

Insta assists in transformation by exploring the technological opportunities available and creating alternative pathways to achieving objectives. If necessary, we evaluate the maturity of available technology solutions and bring up reference solutions from other industries and different operating environments.

Organizational processes need to be taken into critical consideration under conditions of change. The launch of a new business or service model or organizational change are examples of situations where IT portfolios need to be adapted to meet new demands. New technology solutions and new service models can provide opportunities that challenge the current ways of working and using information technology.

Our consultants start out by discussing the operational objectives and change factors with the management of the customer's organization. This background information is then used to specify the role and target status of information technology. While decades of experience bring us expertise and confidence, careful preparation is still the key to managing a successful transformation.

A credible and detailed action plan is an important part of the process

Setting a target is not enough; it needs to be complemented by a credible implementation plan. In the event of an extensive transformation in the operating processes and information systems, it makes sense to map the overall picture of the transformation in detail and plan the development as small steps. This allows the benefits to be seen concretely and be measurable.

A well-laid-out action plan is realistic. Sometimes, however, it may also reveal the true extent of the transformation project. It is not always possible to anticipate and prepare for the actual situation. Our consultants also support the design and implementation of a customer's transformation project by providing project management services.

A fresh pair of eyes sees more

Over time, overlapping and overly complex structures may appear in process models and information systems. Dismantling them can be a challenging task. Information system solutions that do not appear in the enterprise architecture of an organization, such as system use that is not documented or deviates from guidelines, or isolated software implementations, can make it difficult to manage the system as a whole.

We can help organizations by mapping out their current state and creating an independent view of the current IT portfolio. This exposes hidden costs of the information systems and latent development potential. We use illustrative process and system maps and cost analyses to identify development targets that often remain undetected by people within the organization.

Our expert services

Our mission is to help our customers succeed. Our expert services add value to an organization's operations even beyond transformation projects. Learn more about our other consulting services or  contact us: we will be happy to tell you more about how we can help.

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