Program Management

We help organizations prepare, plan, launch and implement information systems projects, utilizing practical operating models that have been well tested in large multi-supplier projects.

A thorough evaluation of the extent of the project, choosing the right partners and technologies, and the division of the project into practical component projects are preconditions for success.

Errors and omissions made during the starting and planning phases play a major role in failed IT projects. Sometimes problems with the timetable, cost and quality of an information system project prove so great that the progress of the project becomes impossible. In addition, IT projects consist of a number of components where successful progress requires organization, planning and management just like the management of the project as a whole.

A foundation is created at the start of the project

A significant part of the problems of failed IT projects is due to mistakes and omissions made during the launch and planning phases of the project. For example, requirements management, change management, quality and testing management, and the architectural design of a project require sufficient experience in practical system work and managing practical system work.

Depending on the customer's need, we can provide consulting assistance during the launch of the project or provide the customer with a program manager who is responsible for managing the project for an agreed upon period or until the end of the project.

Our consultants have decades of wide-ranging experience in the various tasks of information system projects and their management. This enables us to provide organizations with information and methods based on practical experience at all stages of the project.

Facing a wall - What to do when a project is in crisis?

An information system project may face a crisis due to insurmountable problems related to the timetable, costs and quality, among other things. Recognizing the crisis early enough is a step towards managing the situation and implementing changes.

In such situations, we help our custoemrs by making a quick but in-depth analysis to provide an overview of the project in crisis. Aspects considered in the analysis include stakeholder interviews and an analysis of the project history using documentation and other available means. Based on the analysis, we prepare an action plan for the necessary changes. If needed, we will participate in the implementation by supporting the existing project management or by managing the reorganization of the project and the modification of the operating methods. As part of the reorganization, we can also provide the customer with a program manager who is responsible for managing the project for a period agreed upon or until the end of the project.

Our Expertise

Our consultants have decades of wide-ranging experience in managing information system projects. The implementation of a successful project requires solid skills in understanding both the big picture and the individual components.

The core of our expertise consists of:
Definition and management of the requirements
Change management
Quality management
Testing management
Enterprise architecture