Enterprise Architecture Services

We help in the agile and pragmatic application of the enterprise architecture by rendering the enterprise architecture work into a natural part of the day-to-day activities in our customers' operating environments.

An enterprise architecture is not just a stack of carefully crafted documents or a one-time modeling exercise. It is a continuous approach to the development of information systems and operations. Looking at an individual process or information system is not a fruitful starting point for the development of organizational business processes and technology solutions. Development needs to be guided by total benefits to the organization and based on the big picture created by the enterprise architecture.

We match the requirements of our customers' business operations and the possibilities offered by cutting-edge information technology so that the enterprise architecture becomes part of the day-to-day business operations. The customer does not need to be familiar with any reference frameworks or methods - we use the best practices as required by the situation and desired outcome.

From theory to practice

The special expertise of our consultants includes the organization of a client's information management and architecture operations as well as the development and evaluation of grass-roots operation models. A key part of our work is mentoring and leading the people responsible for the enterprise architecture. We can leverage best practices used in various industries and different operating environments and introduce them as part of daily architecture work and IT system projects.

Enterprise architectural consulting can be related to the current status or the architecture resulting from a modification project, among other things. Learn more about our Transformation Consulting and Program Management services.