Expertise and quality - that is what we are known for

The systems we create process critical information and are in operational use. Often they represent a new type of operating model and are the firsts of their kind in the world. In these instances, the operational environments are risk-prone and quality stands for much more than longevity and security – everything matters.

We are experts on systems for which security is of critical importance. Cutting-edge technological expertise, a broad knowledge of operational environments, and a comprehensive understanding of the field are prerequisites for our business. Our expertise is built on long-term experience and demanding customer projects, as well as our individual skills, knowledge, and insights. Above all, it is based on an entity that makes it possible for us to succeed with our customers.

In our business, we are accustomed to adhering to strict security and quality criteria. They are based on completing tasks both systematically and by using repeated quality checks. We are a strategic partner of the Finnish Defence Forces and we are leading cyber experts. Our customer relations are long-lasting and we are repeatedly chosen as a partner. We are national market leaders in delivering defense and security solutions. This is no coincidence. Expertise and quality are something we take very seriously. We ensure high-quality, trustworthy results from the beginning.

References and client satisfaction - our clients deserve the highest degree of expertise in the field

Satisfied clients are the best evidence of our expertise. We ensure that our approach is aligned with that of our clients, and we listen carefully to them and to stakeholders. Risks must be faced in a controlled and secure manner, using several quality checks. See our references.



To ensure a high-quality result, it is best to avoid guessing games - our certifications provide evidence for a standardized mode of operation

Confidence in quality consists of several factors and is most naturally visible in successful client experiences. However, our quality certifications speak for our ability to meet extremely high standards. Not only do our standards provide our clients with an indication of the performance we are able to deliver and ensure that our business is comparable with others, they also enable us to conduct internal quality monitoring. Nevertheless, our aim is not to merely meet quality standards in our business, but to deliver client experiences that exceed expectations.

Examples of our most important quality certifications:

  • AQAP 2110
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO/IEC 27001

Research and development - curiosity and interest give rise to insights

In addition to our own product development and research activities, we are involved in projects with aims such as ensuring societal security and functional reliability by taking advantage of opportunities offered by digitalization. One such project is NEXES, which aims to research, test, and evaluate the use of IP-based data communication technologies to enhance emergency center services and improve performance. Read more below:

Insta involved in an EU project as a developer of next-generation security solutions

Insta is involved in the NEXES project, which started in May 2015 and aims to research, test, and evaluate the use of IP-based data communication technologies for enhancing emergency center services and improved performance. The main purpose of the survey is to determine how smartphones and associated messaging features, social media applications, cell phone cameras, and other technologies in everyday public use could be employed to more quickly deliver the right kind of assistance.

Insta's role in the project is primarily focused on developing the emergency center information system and the next-generation eCall system. The work is based on the Insta ResponseTM product, which also forms the basis of the ERICA emergency center information system. Additionally, Insta is responsible for leading the project information security group, whose role is to ensure that the solutions produced by the project adhere to standards and regulations, as well as ensure the safety of utilizing IP-based applications from the perspective of information security.

"In addition to enhancing the international profile of Finnish top-level expertise in the security field, we will obtain an improved understanding of the operational environments in use within different countries, and network with European operators," summarizes Kari Uusitalo, Project Manager.

From an international perspective, the Finnish system, in which assistance can be obtained using a single emergency number, is a rare example of collaboration between authorities. Examples of new expertise include a feature in ResponseTM which makes it possible to process incoming calls via virtual management centers in a way that ensures that all calls are placed into a single queue and can be answered from anywhere in the country. This creates an operational model that is more flexible than that in use before, and also enables the improved use of mobile appliances in raising an alarm for help.

The NEXES Consortium is led by Rinicom Limited (UK), and there are a total of 17 participants from ten countries. Of the Finnish participants, the Police University College is participating, in addition to Insta DefSec. The project has a duration of three years and belongs to the EC Horizon 2020 programme, which provides funding for European research and innovation projects. The aim of the Commission is to employ the Horizon to create new growth and jobs in Europe, and improve the position of European companies in terms of global competition.


Insta carries its responsibility - it can be trusted. We adhere to the responsibility criteria established by the Insta Group. 

Read more about this topic on our Group website.

Learning about new topics every day

An enthusiasm for learning about new topics is vital to development. Our clients expect our expertise to be world-class and they want to have access to the most appropriate innovations. Because of this, we want to invest in the expertise of our personnel.

We aim to improve our expertise as a company, but we also appreciate our staff members as individuals and respect their professional goals. The individual development needs of each staff member are evaluated annually as part of personal development discussions. In addition to training aimed at reinforcing core skills, we seek to implement lifelong learning in many ways. Information bulletins, online training, and other rapid or easy-to-use information distribution methods are used to facilitate learning as a natural part of daily work.

A great deal of learning and expertise development also takes place during various projects. By using several means, we seek to recognize such new expertise and spread it across all staff members to increase our collective know-how.


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