Insta DefSec - Who Are We?

Critical information system expertise dedicated to customer success. That is the core principle behind our operations.

We employ 250 conscientious, insightful, creative, and meticulous system experts who are passionate about cutting-edge technology. We are committed to serving our customers as an insightful partner and experienced problem solver. We belong to Insta Group, a family-owned business based in Tampere, Finland, which employs over 800 critical security and industrial automation technology experts in total.

Our activities are rooted in comprehensive expertise related to defense command and control (C2) and training systems. We are a strategic partner of the Finnish Defence Forces. For years, we have also been recognized for our extensive expertise and insight in the security field. Companies and organizations also benefit from our know-how via consulting and professional services.

For almost 60 years, we have provided key contributions to developing a secure Finnish society. Today, we are growing in all sectors both nationally and internationally. For example, our information security expertise is already being utilized in over 50 countries. We know our customers, understand the requirements of critical operational environments, and help our customers to succeed.

Insta DefSec - Customers

  • Defense sector
  • National administration
  • Public sector
  • Banks
  • Production facilities
  • Police
  • Rescue services
  • Civilian aviation
  • Emergency response and alarm centers
  • Companies requiring a high security level
  • National and international system suppliers
  • Security authorities
  • Customs
We are part of a Finnish
family-owned business, Insta Group

Insta DefSec is part of the Insta Group, which is a Finnish family-owned business. The Insta Group is a cutting-edge expert on defense and security technology as well as electrical automation, which contributes to building and maintaining a secure and competitive society. Independence, an innovative mode of operation, and certified operating methods, combined with friendly, consultative customer services, make Insta a desired partner among its customers – and a market leader in the many fields it operates in.

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A desirable and
reputable employer

We are a family-owned business. According to our customers and partners, the positive atmosphere in our operations is evidence of this. It is always a pleasure to come and work with us, and our employees tend to stay with us, building successful careers. Read more about our career opportunities if you identify yourself as a contributor to a secure society and a team player who encourages co-workers to reach results of an increasingly high standard.

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We are known for our quality

Our expertise is world-class. Our customers appreciate the quality of our work, ability to listen, broad expertise and success-encouraging attitude.

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