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We are not a hyped-up firm that receives incredible amounts of media attention, or a ninja company that swiftly negotiates its way through social media. We don't fizz, crackle, or pop.

Instead, we can promise that we create systems that affect the security of society, all with a great group of people. At Insta, everyone has a chance to challenge their own know-how. They are also part of a highly successful team. We build and maintain a safe society. We take pride in letting our clients know they can trust us firmly.

We possess the culture needed to introduce future experts to a field that will not become any less relevant in the future. On the contrary, security is constantly growing in importance. We hire interns in the spring, many of whom stay and work with us alongside their studies. In such cases, study progress and graduation are taken into account while planning workloads. About ten students write their theses on our premises every year.

Tell us about yourself and submit an application in the Open Vacancies section on our Finnish pages.

The people we seek are team players who are curious, bold, active, and ready to work. At Insta, there are opportunities to become an expert and adviser on building secure societies, companies, and organizations.

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